Friday, March 27, 2009

So close.

Ladies and gentleman, please meet Maggie from the Lange Foundation. The bf and I want to adopt a dog, so we've been volunteering some time to walk and get to know the dogs at this awesome organization. I fell in love with Maggie with her big round eyes the moment I laid eyes on her. She walked up to the fence and just stared at me with the saddest face. I wanted to walk her so badly, but fate never made the timing match up for us. Now she's gone, probably giving some other (wonderful, I hope) dog owner those same puppy dog eyes. I hope you're happy and thriving whereever you are.

I want a doggie... =(

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Anonymous said...

ooh....she's adorable - I'm sorry that you didn't get her! Hopefully you can find another doggie that you fall in love with too!