Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't Do It

Please don't do this to me. This is too gorgeous. I'm not a fancy schmancy girl, but I want the dress and $3400 is just a weeeeeeeeee bit out of my price range. Yes, just a tad (read: 100x out). So how's about you knock it down for your #1 fan? Thanks!




Dang_McDuckie said...

What? Why are you shopping for dresses? Is there something I don't know about?!?!

The Bride Concierge said...

Nooo!! I'm not shopping, but I'm allowed to browse. Browsing is my job. LOL.

amp said...

that dress is gorgeous...you'd need some tailoring done, of course... maybe you should get a discount for the fabric you won't be needing? knock that price down a couple grand?

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous dress! =)