Saturday, September 25, 2010

Idaho Paradiso

Are we ever too old go to on a family vacation with their parents? I don't think so! Momma BusyButton and I flew from the big city into the little city of Twin Falls, ID to visit family. Though we didn't have a chance to go to Boise, which I hear is awesome for its creative art scene, we did get to soak in some sun and nature.

Here's my attempt at being artsy at Craters of the Moon State Park. This used to be home to some majorly active volcanoes. The weird thing was that the park guide kept citing its similarities to the islands of Hawaii and it featured photos of Hawaii. Uhhh...did you think your own state park wasn't good enough for the brochure??

Craters of the Moon has numerous caves you can climb down into. Some required headlamps and proper gear. I kept fearing bats would come out at us, but luckily there were none. Or, they were just good at hiding. Either way, please continue this way!

Growing up in L.A., you never see a public body of water that's not a questionable shade of green. I guess Idaho's got a thing or two to teach us big city folk that there's such a thing as crystal clear water. That, and having llamas in your backyard is totally normal. Anybody want to buy me a llama???

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