Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is a strange land to me. I'm not sure if I loved the sunny skies or hated the 95 degree weather. Maybe it was just the fact that I was stuck in a fabulous hotel, living all by my lonely self in order to attend a tax conference filled with TAX ACCOUNTANTS. Let me tell you, those accountants sure love their software. OK OK, maybe I found a small tidbit of it interesting too. Regardless, my wedding venue radar was on as I was staying at the JW Marriot Desert Ridge Resort just north of Phoenix. The facilities were vast, parking was unlimited, courteous staff, and so many beautiful fountains.
Plus, bunnies. Yes, there were bunnies everywhere just chilling out on the grass and having a grand ol' time. The BC, was in bunny heaven.

I was lapping in luxury in the five pools and ok, I stuffed my face at the conference buffets. They had fresh blueberries and blackberries! I love me some antioxidents, but can you really blame a girl for that?

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