Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What We Inevitably Learned From Duncan

I think as adults, at any age, we tend to think that we have it all down. We know everything, we know what we want and how to get it. You've heard me time and time again mention the dog that we wanted to adopt, and just couldn't wait for. Well guys, you win. We give up, at least for now anyway.

We spent the full weekend dogsitting for our friends. His name is Duncan, and Duncan took over all 814 square feet of our humble abode. He took away our sleep every night - growling through night #1, crying through night #2 and topped it off with the weirdest growl-cry (aka dog language) I've ever heard on night #3. Yes, he is a puppy and was sore for attention the entire time. He wasn't happy with just being in the same room with us while we were sleeping, no sir. You had to play with him constantly. And when I tried to sneak off for a nap Saturday afternoon, he sat outside my door crying, and wouldn't even play fetch with my parents. Loyalty and devotion is adorable, but only to a certain extent. Beyond that point, it's just stalker-status. Duncan = stalker.

As you can see, the bf was exhausted by Sunday morning. I was in the kitchen cooking up simple syrup (cuz I had to have me some booze later) after the 6:30a walk with Duncan.

Aside from learning that we never ever want to get a puppy, we've sworn off long-haired dogs. White fur? Get outta our way! After only 2 1/2 days with us, Duncan was looking like a bum. Luckily, he behaved during his bath...

For his good behavior, I rewarded him with a nice helping of peanut butter. Apparently it was too big of a helping. He had the craziest sugar high. Hopefully these pictures capture just how insane the game of fetch turned out to be.

He looks like a siberian husky here, but he's totally not. He's just a hyper mess.

After a crazy morning of super fetch and 2 1/2 days of not sleeping, we exhausted Duncan. He knocked out Sunday afternoon, leg twitches and all.

In conclusion, no dog for us. At least not now.... We couldn't shed the feeling that not having any privacy and alone time would be a big strain on our relationship. I love the bf, and it's our private conversations that make me love him. So in the end, we couldn't commit to something or someone. We're going to look into fostering instead. We still want to make an impact on a shelter dog's life, one way or another.

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