Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 3 - Nook Bistro, West Los Angeles

You would never have guessed that wedged between a Chinese take-out place and an upholstery store lied such a jewel. There's also a bagel place, a pizza place, even a newsstand all in the same plaza. Nook Bistro is worth the search. And trust me, it'll be a search, as you'll likely walk right past it without noticing the inconspicious door. Thus far, I've only dined here once, but that was only a few weeks ago. Why we did try it out earlier, is beyond me. It's literally 3 blocks from the bf's place. Yes, right under my nose this whole time! I've been missing out.

Ambience: The inside is nothing like the building's dated and bland exterior. The space is very small, and industrial, quite like any other venue in WLA.

Reservations: Highly recommended. The space hosts a limited number of tables.

The Food: Given that I've only had the food once, and they were all vegetarian dishes, here is the lowdown:

- Shitake & Gruyere Bread Pudding - For a side, it is a good portion, especially for what you're paying. The flavors were right on, and every bite of shitake was something worth savoring.

- Sauteed Brown Rice Bowl - The bf enjoyed this dish, but the sodium level was too overwhelming for my sensitive pallet.

- Nook dinner salad - Fresh and delicious! I'm not a fan of goat cheese, normally I shudder at the thought of anything coming from a goat. This cheese, however, was soft, smooth and creamy. Nook's dinner salad is the only time I'd climb out of my anti-goat anything cave.

Next time, I am saving room for one of their desserts...

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