Sunday, November 9, 2008

On the subject of food...

An outsider will never understand the meaning of food in our family. We live in this world for food. I blame this on my mom. She is the sole contributor to our, perhaps a tad unhealthy, obsession for all things delicious. No one leaves our house hungry; in fact, no one leaves our house without feeling stuffed to the brim with homemade goodness. I'd never even had a t.v. dinner until my freshman year of college, and even then, I had no idea how to "cook" it. Oh, and it was also my last t.v. dinner. My stomach rejected it, and who on earth thinks it's edible anyways??? My mom's idea of a fun Saturday afternoon is getting us all to participate in 5 whole hours of manual labor. All we had to show for it were 150 scrumptious dumplings (meat and vegetarian versions), made 100% from scratch and with vegetables grown in the backyard. Those dumplings only survive about a week in our house, by the way.

It is with this upbringing that my two siblings and I have a sharp taste for quality. McDonalds need not apply here. So it is to no one's surprise that we only eat out at the best (not to be confused with most expensive) restaurants whereever we go. I do not travel even 5 miles without researching as many choice contendors as possible. I may not know how to apply eyeliner, but honey, I know food.

Therefore, let my restaurant introductions will begin shortly. I present to ya'll, my two week dedication to fooooood!

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