Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 7 - C&O's Trattoria, Venice

Nothing beats great Italian food than an Italian eatery with character. That's why I love C&O's Trattoria. This is your typical kitchen filled with mouthwatering carbs in gargantuan proportions, located next to the beach and has a quaint outdoor patio (always ask to be seated in the patio) that reminds me of the 24 hours I spent in Venice, Italy.

C&O's also has a second location in Venice, but further east on Washington Blvd.

Parking: Given that the location is in prime Venice Beach location, there's little chance of avoiding the valet.

Reservations: Definitely recommended.

Ambience: The inside of the restaurant is poorly decorated, not to mention crowded and quite drab. The place to be is in the outdoor patio with string lights and adorable murals painted on the walls. You almost forget the outside world of LA.

The Food: I've got two words: garlic rolls. Have I mentioned that I have a thing for bread? I could eat bread all day if they didn't go straight to my waist. These little garlic rolls are addicting, and it sure doesn't help that C&O's will give you an endless supply. I could just sit there all day eating those rolls. C&O's has all your typical Italian dishes, all in generous proportions. I loved their chopped Italian vegetable salad, and I don't think I ever appreciated whole garbanzo beans until that first bite.

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