Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 12 - Porto's Bakery, Glendale & Burbank

Porto's Bakery is an institution. If you haven't been here, oh I feel sorry for you. You, my friend, are missing out on some killer goodies. Good for you? Nope. Irresistible? Yes!

Parking: The Glendale location on Brand has metered parking in front and a medium-sized lot in back, also metered parking. The Burbank location has a small & tight lot in back of the store, but it's free.

Ambience: Porto's is not known for its romantic interior. The inside is more like a cattle herd - crowded, unorganized and limited visibility. You order at the counter after waiting in a long queue (the staff is efficient, so the wait is bearable) and staring at long displays of baked treats.

The food: They have a veg sandwich of roasted eggplant and hummus spread, but the regular food really isn't worth filling your stomach. Why not save a little more room for another pastry? The prices are light on the wallet.
When it comes to pastries, I suggest the following:
- The potato balls (dubbed "Heart-attack balls" by my co-workers and I) - fried little goodies from what I've heard, but they have meat inside so the taste will remain a mystery to me.
- Guava strudel - I hate guava. My mom used to force me to eat them as a kid since we had a guava tree in the backyard. Guava strudel from Porto's on the other hand, I can totally sink my teeth into. I crave these things! Their guava and cheese strudel is the most popular strudel, but I prefer my pure guava ones.
- Napoleon - Good stuff! The dulce de leche on top gives this creamy and crunchy treat the extra sweetness it needs. It's fantastic.
- Mango mousse - Although I haven't had it, it's listed on their website as one of the most popular items. Too bad it's not vegetarian friendly. =(
- Opera & Chocolate Raspberry Mousse - tried, but not impressed with.

Wedding cakes: Porto's is a popular choice for wedding cakes for two reasons: price and taste. Their cakes are most, and they offer a wide variety of flavors and frosting. Price-wise, it's one of the best wedding cake deals in town. They also do a great job on decor, although I've yet to see one in fondant.

My friends Jess & Arin's gorgeous wedding cake from Porto's.

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