Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 8 - El Cholo, Santa Monica

I've got one word for you: tamales. I admit, I'm not an expert on tamales by any means whatsoever, but I know what tastes good in my mouth and what just doesn't cut it. El Cholo makes the list.

There are several locations in LA, and even in Irvine. I've visited the Santa Monica & Pasadena locations thus far.

Reservations: A must on a weekend (unless you get there right when they open), but even with reservations you may have to wait.

Parking: Valet at both the SM & Pasadena location. You'll have much more luck at actually finding street parking in Pasadena.

Ambience: I love the ambience. It's fun, but not over-the-top cheesy. Nope, not in the least bit!

The Food: Green Corn Tamales. I love those little puppies. They're sweet, I like to lather them with that darn good green salsa, and best of all, it's not greasy. Man, I want one now. They only peak their heads around April through October, then I'm left weeping in the corner through the winter until their return. I've also had their quesadillas, which are recommended. They're no substitute for my tamales though, no sir!

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